Nov 07, 2013

Aims and outcomes_CEB


Under-reporting of elder abuse and the insufficient recognition of the issue at a societal level shows the need for a change of attitudes towards ageing and older people. As well as the continued and increased awareness of elder abuse, training for professionals and those who work in communities outside formal services with and for older people. The latter group of people consist of voluntary workers and informal carers. Also older people themselves and their families play a crucial role in raising awareness and knowledge of elder abuse.
The objectives of this project are to: expand knowledge and awareness on ways to prevent elder abuse at a local, national and European level; share and develop innovative training material and methods and ways to raise awareness of elder abuse among volunteers, informal carers and older people and their families; and engage in national elder abuse awareness raising through involvement in World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) events.
The objectives will be achieved by sharing knowledge and experiences and exploring existing training materials as well as identifying other initiatives such as supportive activities including support groups, counseling services, help lines etc. for those who have experienced abuse. This gives rich and innovative ideas for training practices, methods, material and services targeted for older people.
The project includes transnational partner meetings, workshops and WEAAD events in each partner country. The outcome of the project will be an introductory training and awareness raising package for volunteers, informal carers, older people and their families.


Elder abuse awareness for informal carers – Hanbook for trainers

Dissemination – Final Report

Evaluation Report

Partnership Report

Poster “Learning From Each Other/ Working Together” About the Project Combating Elder Abuse

Dissemination plan

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